Stéfano Pérez Tonella (Varese, Italy). I hold a degree in Aesthetic Philosophy from DAMS in Bologna, where I specialized in aesthetics and playwriting. I further honed my expertise in communication with a master’s degree focused on new media. I am the founder and director of “Studio Elledi” in Varese, a multi-disciplinary, creative studio that spans editorial design, visual design, and workplace safety communication. I also teach courses in Literature, Writing, and Visual Storytelling.

In 2012, I co-founded a nonprofit organization, “Los Burritos,” which now manages two publishing brands: Asinelli Editori and WScuola Edizioni. Additionally, we launched “La Nuova Atlantide,” a project dedicated to exploring new ideas, authors, and horizons.

During the lockdown in Italy, I also contributed to the opening of a new independent bookstore, «Libreria degli Asinelli». Our selection spans various literary genres, with a particular emphasis on children’s books and a focus on events and presentations, some of which relate to my research themes.

Shortly after the lockdown, the bookstore began its activities, aiming to reconnect people and promote literature and the arts. I am proud to highlight the cultural value of collaborations between the association and the bookstore in organizing reading groups, book presentations, and hosting several publishing houses.

Both the association and the bookstore have come to represent key cultural values in our community, thanks to the collaboration with an outstanding partner, Laura Branchini.

Laura is a skilled translator from Spanish and is deeply knowledgeable about literature and children’s books. Our nonprofit organization has also extended its influence beyond the local community, thanks to our publications and projects, many of which aim to highlight deserving but lesser-known authors.

My exploration of Theatre Studies started nearly 20 years ago during a time I spent in South America, primarily in Cuba, Peru and Mexico, where I engaged deeply in theater studies research. Although writing has always been my primary creative focus, my passion for photography expanded my research interests to include visual arts, graphics, and visual design.